Sylvia is an internationally renowned fashion stylist, costume designer and design consultant. 
After graduating with a Masters Degree in Fashion and Fine Art in Germany, 
she was invited to work for German Vogue, which led her to New York and a future in the Fashion and Advertising world.

She is known for her elegant, refined and sophisticated eye for style, which she has developed through her years as a staple in the fashion industry, television, and indie films.

Her editorial clients include VOGUE Goielli and VOGUE Pelle, and GQ.  She has worked on a variety of high profile advertising campaigns, including American Eagle, AMC/Mad Men, Dove, Toyota, Swatch, and T-Mobile. Sylvia has a particular passion for costume design and has designed for several feature films, television, and theater.  

Her intention for every project is to start with an idea, go out and source eclectic and interesting bits and pieces and to be inspired along the way. Whether she is styling for editorial, advertising, catalogue or film, she creates an image that is fresh and inventive.

The multifaceted spectrum of creative platforms, Sylvia engages in, range from directing and editing documentaries and short films to the creative direction of photo shoots and one of her favorite endeavors, ANDERST, her boutique clothing line.

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